On the 12th and 13th of September, the SCENE Consortium, comprising 13 partners, visited Porto for the 2nd project plenary meeting, organized by MOG and hosted at ISEP – Instituto Superior de Engenharia do Porto. We extend our gratitude to MOG for their outstanding hospitality during this highly productive gathering.

During the meeting, in-depth discussions transpired regarding the progress across all 7 Work Packages. The highlights included our first teleconference with the project’s Ethics Advisory Board, where essential matters regarding intellectual property rights on the SCENE project assets were talked through.

Additionally, the advancement of the project hinges significantly on the technical alignment among our diverse partners, responsible for designing SCENE’s integrated and cognitive platform. Topics of discussion encompassed the Media Asset Manager, the development and integration of SCENE-O ontologies, semantic annotation tools, and converters, as well as the incorporation of existing film-related data lakes. We also explored the formulation of the media pipeline, addressing aspects such as preparation, media management, distribution, and security.

Practical considerations involved the setup of requisite software and hardware for the development of 3D models of cultural sites. This involved as an example the utilization of high-fidelity neural surface construction tools, alongside illustrative examples like the 3D model of Pantokratoras Monastery in Mount Athos, Greece, and an archaeological site in Kythnos, where terrestrial laser scanning technology was employed.

Advancements in other project assets, including the location scouting tool, as well as audio and lighting simulations, were discussed. Given the multilateral nature of SCENE’s assets, streamlining communication channels among consortium members emerged as a pivotal topic, extensively deliberated at the conclusion of the 2nd day of the project meeting.

As time progresses, the development and management of SCENE’s assets and architecture will become more defined, yielding tangible results. Stay tuned for updates as we introduce the members of the Ethics Advisory Board and share what lies ahead in the SCENE project for this semester.