Uptake Filmmaking Industry Competitiveness and Resilience

Analyze and suggest solutions to limitations that hinder integration and cause fragmentation within the industry.

Embrace disruptive technologies such as AI and blockchain as means to enhance the filmmaking industry, while protecting the Intellectual rights of the creations.

Promote European tangible and intangible cultural heritage and diversity, fostering inclusive growth, jobs, social cohesion, and diversity within the industry.

Align with the new European Bauhaus values.
Establish a sustainable and innovative decision framework to guide industry development.


Scientific Goals

The project explores topics such as 3D modeling of cultural sites, blockchain for intellectual property rights (IPR) protection, distribution and recommendation engines, as well as simulations and effects for production and post-production lighting and audio. The aim is to improve the innovation capacity of the industry and extend its reach to the scientific community, by providing open source solutions.

Economic and Technological Goals

  • The use of SCENE Platform by at least 50 industries until 2030
  • The utilization of the Location Scouting Engine and the Light and Audio Simulation engines is expected to lead to a reduction in production costs of approximately 10 to 20% for end-users.
  • The Distribution Engine aims to achieve a 30% growth in revenue by increasing sales through the data lakes.
  • The SCENE Platform will offer an outline of a minimum of 100 shooting locations in Athens, with an additional 4 locations available from Cyprus and Italy.
  • The SCENE success stories are expected to attract new film productions, resulting in increased economic activity in Greece, Cyprus, and Italy.
  • The project intends to enhance competitiveness, foster new synergies, explore new markets, and generate job opportunities.
  • The films based on the use cases will incorporate information on at least 3 cultural sites and their surrounding areas, provide a minimum of 10 3D models in the data lakes, and offer a selection of at least 100 locations for location scouting, which will lead to reduced costs for site visits and testing

Societal Goals

  • The adoption of SCENE is expected to lead to decreased emissions and a reduced environmental impact, through efficient energy management.
  • Widespread acceptance of SCENE by achieving high levels of user satisfaction (>80%) and widespread acceptance of SCENE.
  • The implementation of fair principles for working conditions is a key objective by building on trust between employees and employers
  • SCENE is intended to contribute to the new European Bauhaus initiative.
  • Awareness raising for European cultural heritage in a global stage.
  • Creating awareness, readiness, and confidence among users regarding innovative technologies in the filmmaking industry.