Climate change, sustainable energy, AI, advanced robotics, IoT, holistic approaches to healthcare and nutrition, autonomous vehicles smart cities of the future, and circular economy, are the primal fields around in which CERTH is involved.

Hypertech masters the art of asking the right questions deconstructs digital complexities, and turns data, words, technologies, and visuals into powerful experiences by combining technical know-how, engaging communication, and creative design.

LINKS Foundation oversees technical-scientific disciplines in digital technology and regional development such as AI, connected systems and IoT, cybersecurity, advanced calculation systems, and satellite systems, in many application fields.

Digital twins are emerging as the best way for enterprises to compound value from digital transformation initiatives by driving significant business value and laying the groundwork for digital transformation across the enterprise.

Mog specializes in helping businesses create, manage, and distribute amazing content while fostering meaningful connections with communities of all sizes. With our expertise, you can unlock the full potential of your content and engage with audiences like never before.

Fraunhofer FOKUS conducts research on digital transformation and its impact on economics, technology, and our society. Since 1988, FOKUS has been supporting commercial enterprises and public administrations in the shaping and implementation of digital transformation.

The Technical University of Valencia is a Spanish university that contributes to economic, social, and cultural development through scientific, technical, and artistic support. with its main strategy revolving around: sustainability, internationality, relevance, vitality, and excellence.

The strategic objectives of AUTh remain high and consistently oriented to the continuation of its tradition, as a pioneer institution, standing out among Greek and foreign Universities on all levels: education, research, culture, and connection with society.

White is a research and consulting company that provides services to public and private sector entities, academia, and other organisations by carrying out research activities, including market research, behavioral research, innovation management, etc.

Épica Foundation is a space for knowledge transfer and mutual learning. Based on the sum of talent and collective creation, the Foundation promotes a sandbox for R+D+I and experimentation through a horizontal interaction between Arts, Humanities, Science and Technology.

ADDMA focuses on promoting innovation, business competitiveness, and entrepreneurship. In addition, the target is to augment tourism and culture, boost the smart and sustainable management of Athens’ urban environment, and promote social cohesion and social inclusion.

GOF is experienced in creating and producing a variety of formats, including Feature films, TV programs, television commercials, corporate videos, documentary films, and stills photography by collaborating with a wide network of worldwide stakeholders.

CETMA operates in the fields of advanced materials, ICT, and the development and creation of innovative products to support industry and SMEs, and local authorities with applied research, experimental development, and technology transfer.