Exploring the Creative Frontier: Generative AI in Film and the Ethical Landscape

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Join us for an insightful workshop after our second day of the 4th plenary meeting, where we’ll delve into “Exploring the Creative Frontier: Generative AI in Film and the Ethical Landscape.” Co-organized by SCENE, CresCine, and REBOOT in association with Marché du Film – Festival de Cannes, it promises to be an engaging exploration of AI’s role in cinema and the ethical considerations involved.

⏰ Workshop Schedule:

16:00–16:10: Greetings & Introduction Presented by Katharine Sarikakis and Anastasios Drosou

16:10–16:30: Assessing Competitiveness Learn about CresCine’s cutting-edge research on the competitiveness of small European countries. Presented by Manuel José Damásio and Jakob Isak Nielsen

16:30–16:50: Cognitive Film Production & Distribution Discover how multi-dimensional data lakes and generative AI are shaping the promotion of European cultural heritage. Presented by Anastasios Drosou

16:50–17:05: AI Challenge in Creative Process Explore the challenges and opportunities of AI in the creative process. Presented by jean-François TRUBERT

17:05–17:20: Challenging Copyright with Generative AI Delve into the Generative AI revolution and its impact on copyright norms. Presented by Caterina Sganga

17:20–17:50: QAs & Discussion: Ethical Implementation of Generative AI Tools Engage in a dynamic discussion on the ethical considerations surrounding the implementation of Generative AI tools. All participants will join this slot!

Don’t miss this opportunity to collaborate, learn, and shape the future of the industry with us! See you there!

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