The first cluster meeting of projects funded under the HORIZON-CL2-2022-HERITAGE-01-06 topic took place on Wednesday, July 5, 2023. This gathering provided an excellent opportunity for the participating projects to engage in fruitful discussions with key individuals, including Project Officer Carla Rocha Gomes, as well as Policy Officers Cristina Sarvani and Jagoda Komusinska. During the meeting, the Project Officer and Cristina Sarvani emphasized the cluster’s priorities and expected outcomes, exploring different approaches to foster growth, innovation, and success within the European filmmaking industry. They also highlighted noteworthy practices and strategies, such as mitigating the economic impact of financial and COVID-19 crises, adopting a global perspective on the sector’s competitiveness, and gaining a better understanding of user preferences to strengthen the European film industry.

Furthermore, Policy Officer Jagoda Komusinska shed light on audiovisual market research and intelligence activities, emphasizing the initiatives undertaken by Creative Europe within the same sector.

Throughout the call, the projects CRESCINE, REBOOT, and SCENE were presented by their respective project coordinators. Each coordinator briefly described their project’s mission and the goals they aim to achieve. They also shared the progress made thus far and presented comprehensive plans for the future. Each project focuses on different aspects of enhancing the competitiveness of the European Film Industry.

CRESCINE seeks to engage and empower small European markets, promoting industry diversity. REBOOT aims to increase youth engagement in the European filmmaking industry and create European platforms for video-on-demand services, similar to Netflix or Disney+. Additionally, REBOOT aims to leverage the cultural and creative sector as a geopolitical asset. SCENE combines cutting-edge technology with a commitment to social responsibility and sustainability. From AI-based audience scouting, distribution mechanisms, and blockchain for intellectual property rights protection, to 3D representations of monuments, the project is revolutionizing the industry while upholding the values of the European Bauhaus movement.

The partners had the opportunity to discuss further steps for implementing their projects, plan collaborative activities, and work together toward a common goal.