CERTH and GOF have teamed up on the digitisation of significant landmarks in Cyprus for the creation of SCENE’s 3D models, which will be integrated into the SCENE Platform later on. The project focuses on the Klirou bridge, Panagia Asinou, Panagia of Sinti, and Foinikas village.

Analysis and Equipment Selection

The project began with a detailed analysis of the areas selected for digitisation. Based on the project’s requirements and the need for precision, the DJI MAVIC 3 PRO drone and the Sony a7R Mark III mirrorless camera were chosen for capturing high-quality images.

Planning and Photography

A flight plan for the drone was created, and camera positions were selected. A series of photos was then captured with significant overlap and from various angles using both the drone and the camera. This approach ensured a comprehensive dataset for further processing.

Image Processing with Darktable

The captured photos were processed using Darktable, an open-source software. This step corrected issues related to over and under-exposure, ensuring optimal image quality for the next stages of the project.

Photogrammetry and 3D Model Creation

The processed images were imported into RealityCapture, a photogrammetry software. The photos were automatically aligned and positioned within a 3D space. Using connection points and user-defined parameters, a dense 3D model was generated, providing a detailed and accurate representation of the areas.

Simplification and Texturing of the 3D Model

To make the 3D model more accessible, it was simplified according to the project’s needs. The final step involved unwrapping and texturing the model, ensuring that the texture density matched the resources of the target device. This process ensures that the digital models are both visually appealing and functional across various platforms.